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Thank you, Iceland!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

You want to know why I say thank you to Iceland? Then you have to continue reading.

It all started some weeks ago when  I decided to go to Hamburg for some days. As I don’t like long journeys in coaches and trains, I decided to go by plane.

A few days before my take-off the Icelander decide to activate one of there volcanoes – Grímsvötn. It seems they didn’t learn from last year when they grounded whole Europe with Eyjafjallajökull. And many people also remember when the grounded their banks not so long time ago…

But back to my intention going to Hamburg. On Tuesday night everyone expected Hamburg Airport to be closed on Wednesday – the day of my flight – and they were right. First flight to Hamburg in the early morning was cancelled. So, I decided to activate my emergency program: I bought some train tickets. Remembering last year when it took some days until the airports were open again, I  did buy a return ticket. Shortly after I had to catch my train and after eight hours I finally arrived in Hamburg (notably at more or less the same time as when taking the airplane at 8.25 pm). But what’s worse than travelling eight hours in a train? Getting the information that your flight wasn’t cancelled and you could have gone on the plane you’d booked…

So, really thank you Iceland for sending ashes every year to Europe. It makes travelling a lot more adventurous.

Maui – From 0 to 3000

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Maui is a small island with only about 130’000 inhabitants. It’s very popular among surfers. But Maui is more than just a surfer’s paradise. It’s also famous for the Haleakala (House of the Sun). Haleakala is a crater with the incredible numbers of 11 km (diameter), 1 km (depth) and 3 km (height of the summit). That’s the world’s largest crater. It’s also home to an observatory.

After a long drive from the coast up to the summit on about 3000 meter above sea level, you get an incredible view. You feel like looking at something an a different planet.