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Sunday, November 15th, 2009

After a flight that sucked (we did not get any meal!!!), I’m in Honolulu now for some days. So, I’m in summer now (although they have winter too…).

This morning, I had to get up quite early as I was picked up at 8:10 am near my hotel for a 10 hour-LOST tour. According to our tour guide the tour covered around 40 LOST locations all over Oahu. Therefore, we had to drive around 150 miles. Actually, we saw much more than I expected. We even saw scenes of the upcoming (and final) Season 6.

The coolest information we got from a security guy at the scene: They are going to film at my hotel on Monday and Tuesday. But unfortunately, I have to leave Monday morning. Damn!

As words cannot describe the different scenes we’ve visited, I’ve uploaded some of the scenes like:

  • the home of Hurley’s mom
  • Oxford
  • Penny’s boat (‘Searcher’)
  • Other’s village
  • ‘Sydney Airport’
  • the bar in Australia
  • several beach areas
  • ‘Thailand’
  • ‘Korea’