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Mission «Halloween» accomplished

Monday, October 31st, 2011

When I announced that I’m going to be in Toronto on the last weekend of October there was an immediate feedback that we have to go to a Halloween party.

I came up with the question: How does Halloween work? I got the answer that everyone is wearing a costume and is heading to a party. Alex quickly came up with suggestions for our costumes and she also told me that she’s going to take care of my costume.

It was decided that the theme would be Alice in Wonderland – being Alex dressed like Alice, Laura going as the Queen of Hearts and myself as the Mad Hatter.

A few weeks later, the big day was there. I would be going to my first Halloween party. I got order to be in the ladies’ room at 7 to put on the missing parts of the costume plus make-up and then start drinking.

Shortly after 7 I was in the room and a first costume check was successful. So, Laura could put on my make-up. Some minutes later she had finished and I could put on the wig again. This was also the moment to open a bottle of rum.

One bottle of Bacardi OakHeart later, we got a cab to a venue called «This is London». Inside the club nearly all guests were wearing a costume. For the next hours we would be drinking and dancing.

Around 2 we got back to the hotel, I got remove my make-up. My first Halloween party had found its end. Mission «Halloween» accomplished.

P.S.: I had a lot of fun but still I think we should not try to have Halloween parties in Switzerland. It’s not tradition in our country.