Horror stories

On today’s flight from Sydney to Johannesburg, I had quite a lot South Africans around me. So, I asked them about the safety in South Africa.

I expected they would tell me that it’s not as worse as described in the guide. But I was wrong.

One guy told me about two incidents in his family:

  1. the husband of his niece was shot three times in his stomach in a robbery (the man died within no time)
  2. he once was in his cottage near Cape Town with the family when he heard something. His daughter went into the living room. There a burglar shot three times. Luckily, the first two attempts were not successful as no bullet went off. The third was successful but the daughter had already left the room. He then went outside to house where the guy shot at him but hit only the car which was in between

I was also told that car hijackings are common all over South Africa and people are killed for just a mobile phone.

For me this was quite a shock as they described the situation even more dangerous than in the guide. But they always said: use common sense, that’s the most important.

So, I keep fingers crossed!

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