Timezone hopping

Australia is a big country and it has therefore several time zones. Travelling the country also means adjusting the watch from time to time and get used to a new time zone.

My travels started in Sydney on the east coast. As this was my first stop in Australia I had to adjust my body to a difference of 10 hours to central European time. Done so I already had to get on a plane again and fly up north-west to Darwin. Usually, this would only be half an hour in time difference. But as the Northern Territories aren’t using daylight savings time, time difference is 1.5 hours. Lucky me, I had no problems to get used to the new time.

After spending two weeks in the N.T. I continued my trip even more to the west to Perth in Western Australia. And surprise, Perth is in different time zone again – another 1.5 hours ‘closer’ to home.

I will continue my trip by flying over to the east to Brisbane in Queensland on Sunday. “East coast, that’s plus three hours”, you might think now. But guess what, you’re wrong. It’s only a time difference of two hours. How come? Well, it’s very simple: Queensland is not using D.S.T. but New South Wales (the state Sydney is in) does.

As I’m flying back to Sydney four days later, I will again have to adjust my watch by one hour. This will be the last time zone change for a few weeks but it is not yet the end as I’ve planned to drive from Melbourne to Adelaide in January. While Victoria is within the same time zone like New South Wales, South Australia is in a time zone together with Darwin. Different then N.T. South Australia is using D.S.T. what reduces the time difference to only half an hour.

Before heading back to Switzerland, I will again be in Sydney. Just a small adjustment compared with the 10 hours that will be waiting for me when getting back home.

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