3D movie experience

Yesterday, I decided to watch a 3D movie for the first time since 1997. I was fighting with myself if I really should watch 3D movies as I still remember the last time: I felt sick for the whole day afterwards. But I said to me: They must have made some progress since 1997…And yes, they really made some progress. No problems this time.

But having no health problems, ¬†doesn’t mean everything was perfect:

  • sometimes, I got the feeling that scenes were added just to show you what 3D effects they can create
  • bright colours were too bright (it was like looking at the sun)
  • things in the foreground and in the background were very blurry (more than in 2D)
  • switching the focus from a further away object to a closer one would in real life make it look sharp. But in the movie the focus is given by the director
  • 3D effects into the audience’s direction are flickering
  • people look like they were stretched when ‘coming out of the screen’ (it seems no one cares about what you learn in school…)

Nevertheless, some 3D effects where really cool. But there’s still the question: Do we really need 3D movies (and 3D television)? The first 3D tv channels start this autumn, let’s see how successful they are. In my opinion, 3D doesn’t add more fun to a movie and not to forget: you always have to wear these glasses.

Although, more and more 3D movies are entering the cinemas, I prefer to watch them in 2D.

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  1. Ivo says:

    What was the movie you watched? The last one I saw in 3D was Avatar and I found it pretty cool. Just the other day I tried a 3D TV (at the local electronics store) but that experience was pretty average. I think 3D is rather for really big screens…

  2. Lukas says:

    I watched Step Up 3D. Avatar is now on screens again in a special edition but I didn’t like it in 2D that much that I need to see it again.

    My receiver should be able to handle 3D by a firmware upgrade. But they didn’t publish it yet (they only showed it on a fair).

    Btw: It’s worth watching Step up 3D just because of the leading actress. She’s super cute (and Sydney born).

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