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A real adventure is about to begin…

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

I’m currently sitting at Sydney Domestic Airport and as I have some time left until boarding starts, I’m updating my blog.

It all started on Monday at Zurich Airport where I boarded my A380-flight to Singapore. Many of you might have heard about the problems with Rolls Royce engines but honestly: it’s worth taking the close-to-zero risk. This airplane is just an amazing construction. It’s silent like a train even when taking off.

After arriving in Singapore I had to hurry because boarding of my Sydney flight was said to have started some minutes before my arrival. At the gate I had first to leave behind my Absolut Vodka (why the hell isn’t it allowed to bring alcohol with you when being on transit?) and then to wait as boarding started a lot later then originally announced.

21 hours (that’s a new record) after take-off I said Hello to Ivo who was picking me up at the airport (he generously offered me a bed for a night).

And now, the real adventure starts. As you might have heard parts of Queensland (especially Rockhampton) are flooded and yesterday the Brisbane area was hit by a Tsunami.

According to the itinerary we were suposed to have a homestay at Rockhampton which might quite possibly not take place. As it’s really hard to find out how the situation really is in the other places I decided not to have a closer look at the itinerary until I know what Contiki plans to do with us. But I’m sure Contiki will handle the situation!