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Drifting down the Rhine

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

It’s already a tradition. Whenever the weather allows it, we go for a boat cruise on the Rhine on the national holiday. This year, we had perfect weather and only the water temperature could have been a bit higher (it was only 19 degrees…). Nevertheless, it was big fun.

In the early afternoon, we arrived in Stein am Rhein, our starting point. After exhausting thirty minutes to pump up the boats, we finally set off. Some minutes later, I was already in the water. But it wasn’t intentionally…When I tried to get a ball with the rudder, I lost the balance (as I was alone in the boat, there was no one to balance out my weight…) and I fell into the water. Luckily, the boat didn’t turn over. The only thing that went missing were my one-month old sunglasses. Annoying but it could have come worse…

Fortunately, this was the last negative highlight of the day. From then on we had quite a relaxing cruise, except when we had to row away from the big tourist boats.

Approximately six hours after we left, we arrived in Schaffhausen. And everyone agreed: It’s way a fantastic day.