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There’s a problem with engine #3

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The day started like all my travel days start: I took a train to the airport, checked in my luggage and went to my gate.

After I successfully passed all the security checks, I was making my way to seat 36G. I installed myself and thought we would take off soon. But reality was different.

It all started with the captain’s announcement that we had to wait for three more passengers. After a few more minutes the missing passengers were aboard and we could finally make our way to the runway. There, we had to wait a bit for our slot for take-off.  Then the pilot gave power to the engines. At the speed of 69 km/h, the air plane slowed down suddenly. Everyone was looking around. What happened? Why didn’t we take off? Then the captain announced: «There’s a problem with engine #3. We have to let it check by a technician.» My first reaction was: «Damn, this will take its time.»

So, the air plane rolled back to a ‘parking position’ near the gates. Some minutes later, it started to turn counter clockwise. The question now was: Do we go back to the gates to get off the plane or is the engine okay and we can take off?

After a short time I was sure we would be able to fly. Again the captain made an announcement: «We will be taking off in a few minutes.» Once again we were on the way to our waiting position but no «crew, two minutes to take-off»-announcement. What is going on? Do we again have a problem with the engine? Then I could hear the cracking sound of a microphone. The next message from the cockpit: «We have to cool down our breaks because they got to hot.»

After 10 more Minutes we turned on our runway. Our plane took on speed and took off the ground. Finally, we were up in the air with one hour delay.

11 hours later we landed safely in San Francisco without any further surprise.