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Bangkok: Some first thoughts

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

At 5.30 a.m. local time I arrived at Bangkok Airport. As the check-in at the hotel wasn’t possible earlier than 2 p.m., I went for a first tour in the city.

Soon, I realised that Bangkok is different from what I’ve seen so far in Asia, better said: it’s more Asian than HK and SG which both had been under British government for quiet some time.

When walking through the streets, you always have the smell of fresh food being prepared and you feel the dust of a building being restored or built from the scratch. One of this construction sites might have been the cause for a big shock: When I wanted to cross a street, there was a loud bang and I could feel the air pressure. Honestly, my first thoughts were: that was a bomb blown up.

An eye-catcher are the bar codes added to a lot of advertisements.  It seems the use of new media is far more progressed than in Europe. Companies are seeking for the interaction with its (future) customers. TV screens are as well present everywhere advertising for products.