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Smash a Kiwi

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Okay, that might sound a bit rude but I was really angry about what happend on my last day in New Zealand.

First, when I checked out at the hotel, nobody wanted to remember that we agreed a reduced charge of 15 kiwi dollars instead of 34 for the internet. But finally they agreed on a charge of 15 kiwi dollars (although I was charge for seven days instead of four).

But the more annoying happened at Wellington International Airport. At the check-in counter the lady wanted to charge me for my second bag. I insisted on not paying as the ticket includes two bags. So, she checked with another guy who confirmed her view. He said that only flights via US are on the piece concept (2 pieces, 23 kilos each).

As I know the terms & conditions, I wanted her to look up terms & conditions on So, she called the supervisor. He took me to his office where he first showed me the included luggage per booking class. But that didn’t interest me as it was not valid for my ticket. Then he opened the Air New Zealand-homepage which again didn’t help for my ticket.

Finally, he went to the and read the terms & conditions. As he could see there, I was right. So, he once again checked my itinerary and then said: “You went via Honolulu. That’s in the US. So, the piece concept applies”. Sorry but I never heard a more stupid excuse than this!

This really left some bad feelings.

Birds dislike me

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Last Sunday, I was on Somes Island for a walk. Just when I took my camera out of the pocket to take a picture, a gull was flying in my direction and making a lot of noise. So, I decided to leave the spot without taking a picture.

As I continued my walk around the island another gull attacked me. This time it was a serious attack. I even had to get down on the soil otherwise it would have hit me.

But these gulls learn fast. Back at the harbour they doubled forces to attack me. Luckily, there were some trees.

This was the last attack for Sunday but it continued on Monday. My tour guide and I had lunch in a picnic area of a park as suddenly a duck (!) was flying just above my head (it would have hit me if I had not ducked down my head). It tried it for a second time but I could escape.

So, I think birds dislike me.

Tonight, I gonna do the ultimate test: I go Kiwi watching. And if one of these birds attacks me (for those who don’t know: Kiwis can’t fly), something is wrong!

Black Water Rafting and Glowworms

Monday, December 14th, 2009

You might know River Rafting but do you know Black Water Rafting too? For those who don’t know it, I gonna describe it.

Black Water Rafting is rafting inside a cave. As there is not as much space as on a river the boat is replaced by a tube.The only light you have is either the one of the lamp on your helmet or the one from the glowworms inside the cave.

I can tell you: this is big fun. You walk or slide or jump never knowing where you will end up.

The tour guides also tell you something about the glowworms.

Did you know that:
– glowworms aren’t worms
– the glowing part is shit (sorry for the word)
– they sleep some weeks and then only live 2 to 3 days
– they have sex during one of these 2 to 3 days
– the first born eats his/her brothers and sisters (Darwin would say: survival of the fittest)