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The day that never took place

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Okay, my headline is not completely telling the truth but it’s easier.

Yesterday and the day before I was flying from Hilo (Big Island, Hawaii) to Hong Kong. 28 November had started at 3:50 am when I got up. After that I drove to Hilo to return the car and took my first flight from Hilo to Honolulu at 7:19 am. A surprisingly fast check-in was followed by my next flight at 12:02 am to Tokyo where I arrived on the 29 November at 3:46 pm. The last flight left Tokyo at 6:40 pm with direction to Hong Kong. At 10:50 pm the air plane had landed and roughly 1.5 hours later I was in my hotel room. The end of a 27-hour trip.

If you just take the naked numbers (start and end) than 29 November 2009 took never place in my life. Isn’t that scaring?

Big Island – Sorry, we’re closed

Friday, November 27th, 2009

“Sorry, we’re closed” is what I faced quite soon on this island. It started on day 1 when I went to the Volcanoes National Park. At home, I found some nice trails to hike as well as a scenic drive around the craters. As always recommendable, I went to the visitor centre first to get the latest updates. And what did I see: Most of the trails/roads were closed due to toxic gases coming out of one of the craters. So, I had to change all my plans.

But it’s not yet over. Thursday was “Thanksgiving” in the USA. So, most shops and restaurants did close around 5 pm or did not even open. Surprisingly, I could not wash clothes too, although everything is coin-operated…

Maui – From 0 to 3000

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Maui is a small island with only about 130’000 inhabitants. It’s very popular among surfers. But Maui is more than just a surfer’s paradise. It’s also famous for the Haleakala (House of the Sun). Haleakala is a crater with the incredible numbers of 11 km (diameter), 1 km (depth) and 3 km (height of the summit). That’s the world’s largest crater. It’s also home to an observatory.

After a long drive from the coast up to the summit on about 3000 meter above sea level, you get an incredible view. You feel like looking at something an a different planet.

Kauai – The Garden Island

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Kauai is about 100 miles north of  Oahu. Although the island is very close to Oahu, everything looks completely different. As there are lots of plants growing, the island gets a green look.

After two days here, I think it’s really a nice place despite the (heavy) rain showers.

Yesterday, I drove up north and did sightseeing Japanese Style (hop-off, take pictures, hop-on). It’s was quite interesting but not comparable to the views I got today. I went to the Waimea Valley where I wanted to hike a bit. After yesterday’s rain it was still very slippery in some passages. But the views I got were worth all the ‘wounds’. After roughly 5 hours I got back to my car.


Sunday, November 15th, 2009

After a flight that sucked (we did not get any meal!!!), I’m in Honolulu now for some days. So, I’m in summer now (although they have winter too…).

This morning, I had to get up quite early as I was picked up at 8:10 am near my hotel for a 10 hour-LOST tour. According to our tour guide the tour covered around 40 LOST locations all over Oahu. Therefore, we had to drive around 150 miles. Actually, we saw much more than I expected. We even saw scenes of the upcoming (and final) Season 6.

The coolest information we got from a security guy at the scene: They are going to film at my hotel on Monday and Tuesday. But unfortunately, I have to leave Monday morning. Damn!

As words cannot describe the different scenes we’ve visited, I’ve uploaded some of the scenes like:

  • the home of Hurley’s mom
  • Oxford
  • Penny’s boat (‘Searcher’)
  • Other’s village
  • ‘Sydney Airport’
  • the bar in Australia
  • several beach areas
  • ‘Thailand’
  • ‘Korea’