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What I like, what I don’t like and what I’m wondering about

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Today, I will write something about my experiences here in Vancouver.

When I came over here, I thought that the English would sound quite similar to the one spoken in the USA. But quite soon I realised that Canadians speak more like the Brits and they also write words like in British English (e.g. Centre instead of Center or Harbour instead of Harbor). Being more like the Brits makes it easier to understand them.

The Canadians are very friendly persons. But honestly: How many Canadians do live in Vancouver? On the streets you see more Asians…Both the ‘Asians’ and the Canadians have one thing in common: they dress like temperatures would still be up in the twenties. The ‘Asians’ are very present in the food courts too. Every food court has Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food to offer.

And what is negative here? Actually, there hasn’t been anything worth to note.  Okay, the weather could be better. But it’s November.

How safe do you feel during the flight?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The title of this post might sound strange but I want to write about my experiences on my first two flights.

Sunday morning we were sitting in the airplane and the captain was speaking when all electronic devices went off and the emergency lights went on. Fortunately, we had the energy back after some minutes and the captain explained to us what had happened: The ground staff had removed the ground power without noticing the crew. So, we could start our flight to Frankfurt with only some minutes delay.

In Frankfurt, I had to do some sport as I only had 40 minutes till boarding and I did not know how much time I would need to get to the gate. But I made it on time. Just after the boarding had started, the ground staff announced that only groups of  10 are allowed to board as the airplane could not be refueled.  Several minutes we took off. Was there really enough fuel in the tank?

About one hour before landing in Vancouver, a next announcement was made: The crew was searching for a doctor as we had a medical emergency on board. Luckily, the person seemed to survive and the doctor got two bottles of wine (which was actually above the legal limit…).

One hour after the landing, I was already in my hotel room. Actually, it’s more than one room. I have a sleeping room (king size bed), a living room (sofa plu 47 inch flat screen), a bathroom and a kitchen.

As I was quite tired, I decided to go out and walk around a bit. When I came back to the hotel, I was sure that it must be late at night. But it was 5 o’clock. So, I tried to stay awake as long as possible to get into the rhythm but around 9 o’clock I gave up.

Today, I got up quite early. Quite soon it realised that the weather was fine except that it was windy and cold and raining…Nevertheless, I discovered Vancouver by foot. Tonight, I wanna watch a movie in a cinema. It’s called the box. Unfortunately, I don’t get the audio from the trailer, so I don’t know much about the movie.