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All Swedes are blond coffee lovers

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

You might say “why did he strike through the word blond in the title?”. Well, it’s not that the great majority of Swedes has no longer blond hair but you might agree that it is quite boring to write about this well-known fact. 

A fact that is not known to a lot of people (including myself) is the tradition of drinking coffee toghether. This tradition goes by the name fika. Unlike the British tea time it does not only happen once a day but several times. That’s why you see cafés everywhere and there’s always people. Fika is not only about coffe it includes sweets like Kanelbullar (cinemon bun) or Chokladboll (chocolate ball) 

Despite those calorie bombs you see only very few overweight people. Why is that? It is actually pretty simple: Swedes love outdoor activities like running, canoeing, hiking or cycling. They even go to work by bike. During the cold winter months cross-country skiing is one of the popular activities. The fact the work often ends around 5 pm (unless you work in a shop) gives them enough time to practice sports.