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An unexpected Chat with the Immigrations Officer

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

After having landed save and sound at Boston Logan Airport the usual hassle started with immigration.

Wondering what questions I’ll be asked this time I approached the counter. The immigration officer made a friendly first impression. As always the first question was “what’s the purpose of your stay?” After explaining my plans he just replied “so, the usual tourist stuff”. I agreed and thought it’s done. But that was wrong.

Still having my four fingers of the right hand on the reader (do they check your heart rate?) he wanted to know what I did when I was in Chicago last year. Again, I replied and he seemed happy. “Done”, I thought again.

Wrong again! He now wanted to see evidence that I’ll be flying back as well as a hotel booking. “I have it on my mobile only. Am I allowed to switch it on?” “No, you must have a print out with you. It part of the ESTA!”

Thinking that no one prints out documents anymore I told him that I wasn’t aware of that. After few more times telling me that it is my obligation he finally let me pass.

Welcome to the USA. Land of the free.